Glasses for those in need for the holidays!

Here is news on a new initiative we are starting now for Christmas giving! #goodvibesglasses is the opportunity to help someone in need (or yourself) with receiving a new pair glasses for the holidays. All you need to do is tell us why the person you are nominating should be the recipient of #goodvibesglasses and their contact info and that’s it! Send an email to, fill out the webform on our website, send us a note on @messenger or submit your nomination in person. The eyewear we are providing are generously contributed by @centennialoptical.

Here are the details:

- Eyewear is provided by Centennial Optical and may include frames from Encore, Ann Taylor, Nicole Miller, Alfred Sung or Champion frames and labpack lenses.

- The initiative only covers the cost of glasses, not an eye exam.

- The individual doesn't have to be a patient of our clinic already to be eligible.

- The individual must have a valid eyeglass prescription (under 1 year old) but it does not have to be from our office.

- If the patient requires an eye exam before proceeding they are more than welcome to book to see us if they have an outdated Rx.

- Patients of all ages are eligible.

- To nominate someone/themselves they just have to let us know why they should be the recipient of Good Vibes Glasses (pretty easy!), plus their contact information.

- Individuals can nominate more than one person.

- Nominations will be accepted by email at or, through the webform on our website, in person in writing, or via Facebook on Messenger to our St. Lawrence Optometry or St. Lawrence Optometry East page. - Nominations to be received by November 24th, 2018 and recipients to be contacted by November 26th, 2018.

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