Offering diagnostic imaging at both locations!

We recently acquired optical coherence tomography (OCT) at our Innovation Drive location. This type of advanced diagnostic imaging has been available at our Concession Street office since 2013 and is where we have referred our patients for this testing until this point. The OCT is a machine that is used to generate three-dimensional images of tissues within the eye, similar to the way an MRI or CT machine allows imaging of tissues inside the human body but without any x-rays or radiation. There is no risk to the patient and the test can be done as often as necessary. The OCT creates a much more detailed image with more information than retinal photos alone. One eye is imaged at a time and the test is non-invasive - meaning that nothing touches the patient's eye - and there are no bright flashes of light during the testing. The duration of testing depends on how many structures of each eye need to be imaged but is usually around 5 minutes per eye. Our Doctors recommend OCT for anyone who is at risk of or has glaucoma and macular degeneration, and is often recommended for patients as baseline testing.